Our Top 10 Kitchen Handles

Best Kitchen Handles, hand picked by GA Kitchens

Many of our customers find it easy to choose their cabinet, door and worktop styles and colours but find it very difficult to decide on a kitchen handle style and finish.  A lot of our competitors only provide options for around 10 common handles; we think this is criminal!  We have over 50 different kitchen handle styles and finishes to choose from and so we’ve picked 10 of the best to show you.

Kitchen Handles T Bar

Boss Bar Handle

10. The Boss Bar Handle

The Boss bar handle is a robust, solid and fairly chunky bar handle, available in a few different finishes, such as stainless steel or chrome.  

Black Twist Kitchen Handle

Twist Handle

9. Black Twist Kitchen Handle

The black twist kitchen handle is a more traditional handle, often used in contemporary kitchens such as the classic shaker door, or wood finished kitchens.  

T Bar Kitchen Handle

T Bar Handle

8. T Bar Handle

The ‘standard’ T Bar kitchen handle I find pretty dull and boring, although it’s very popular, and works well with modern / gloss kitchens. 

Winchester T Bar Knob Pewter / White Crackle

Winchester T Bar Knob Handle

7. The Winchester Knob Handle

This kitchen handle is like Marmite, love or hate it, at least it’s different!

Strap Tapered Nickel Kitchen Handle

Strap Tapered Handle Nickel

6. Strap Tapered Handle in Nickel

The Strap tapered handle comes in a variety of sizes and finishes; I’ve picked the 160mm length in Nickel finish as a common style with a twist.

Glass Pull Kitchen Handle

Glass Pull Handle

5. Glass Pull Handle

A contemporary handle for the modern, sleek, clean line kitchen – my personal favourite.

Pewter D Kitchen Handle

Pewter D Handle

4. Pewter D Handle

Classic design, with a more modern finish – the Pewter finish is very popular right now.

Titan latch handle & back plate

Titan Latch Handle / Backplate in Pewter

3. Titan Latch Handle in Pewter

The Titan handle really is another chalk and cheese option.  Clearly it wouldn’t work with a modern kitchen but for an oak shaker kitchen this handle can help create a sense robust classic quality.

Stepped Square Knob Pewter Kitchen Handle

Stepped Square Knob Pewter Handle

2. Stepped Square Knob

The stepped square is universal; it works well in both modern and contemporary kitchens.  It’s also useful when longer handles throw off lines of your kitchen design.

Valentino latch kitchen handle black

Valentino latch kitchen handle black

1. Valentino Latch Handle in Black

The Valentino latch handle is slightly Gothic and works extremely well with contemporary kitchens for those who want something a bit different, and to stand out from the crowd. 

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