How to choose the right Gloss Kitchen Doors

You might think that all kitchen suppliers are the same… whether it’s Wren, Howdens, Wickes, B&Q or an independent retailer; surely the doors are the same?


Let me start by saying: NO!


Firstly, there are a few different types of gloss kitchen doors;

  1. Vinyl Wrapped / Foil / PVC / PET Kitchen Doors
  2. Acrylic Kitchen Doors
  3. Lacquered Kitchen Doors (or Painted)
Unfortunately customers are not always explained that there are differences between these types of doors, and the larger kitchen retailers tend to all stock and sell the cheap, low end and poor quality Vinyl Wrapped or foil gloss doors.
Let me explain why you should be looking at Acrylic or Lacqured Kitchen doors instead of poor quality vinyl doors.

Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Doors (Or Foil / PVC / PET Kitchen Doors)

These are the lowest quality door; they consist of vinyl or PVC wrapped around an MDF base door to create a gloss, or wood effect finish.  Unfortunately the tend to have poor finishes, sometimes bobbly and often start to peel (particularly near heat or water sources).
This door is typical of the larger retailers; who earn huge profit margins by selling cheap, low quality kitchens.

Acrylic Kitchen Doors

Acrylic doors  are high quality doors that are the most durable.  Acrylic gloss doors will have a great reflection or shine.  
They do, however, have some downsides; if you look carefully you will see the edging round all 4 sides of the door and they are also normally the most expensive gloss kitchen door option.

Painted / Lacquered Doors

These are MDF doors, which have been primed, and painted / lacquered (normally with either 2 or 3 coats).  Like Acrylic, these are high quality and give excellent reflection or shine.  Painted gloss doors are normally the best selection as they offer a great price versus quality balance.  Unfortunately they have the disadvantage of being chipped; although they normally come with touch up pens / paint and can be repaired.

Surely Acrylic / Lacquered Doors Cost a lot more?!

Well yes and no.  As you’re probably aware, most national chains have huge 50% off deals running most of the year.  Despite giving you 50% or even 80% off, they still charge far more than any independent kitchen retailer would, and in the process they give you a cheap vinyl wrapped door which won’t last.
Instead, find a local, reputable kitchen retailer and speak to them.  They will normally be cheaper than the equivalent big brands, and you’ll get an acrylic or lacquered door, it’s WIN WIN!
Why are independents cheaper?
– No huge warehouses full of stock (normally made to order)
– No huge marketing budget / TV ads
– No huge CEO / Executive wages
– No wasted stock, they need to ‘earn back’
I hope you’ve found this article interesting; as an independent kitchen retailer we love to help make our customer’s dreams a reality.  Whether or not you look to us in the future, remember when it comes to kitchens:
Buy LOCAL, SAVE money, get QUALITY

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