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Garretts Rebrand – Garrett Appliances undergoes a change

Since incorporation in 2013, Garrett Appliances Limited has evolved to meet the growing demands of it’s customers and offer a complete package of services.  Originally the core Garrett business focused on supply and installation of domestic appliances.  Soon after the company began to offer customers appliance repairs and servicing via their own in house white goods engineer and the field team gradually grew adding additonal staff and vehicles to their own in house team.  The business believes in employing it’s staff, rather than using contractors despite the increased costs associated with doig so.  In this way, Garretts offer it’s employees stability and perks, including of course, a workplace pension.  It also means complete control about when and where their vehicles go; so schedulling is efficient and accurate for customers.

Kitchens and appliances go hand in hand and after working with a number of developers and large contractors Garretts began to offer kitchen supply to our trade and account customers; they wanted to buy a full kitchen suite, with appliances, from one retailer or supplier for ease of ordering and on going support.  The Kitchen business grew organically, mainly by word of mouth, so additional resources were added to enhance the Garrett Kitchens brand and offer a complete turn key solution.  Garretts added a Kitchen Designer to offer complete and working kitchen designs as well as offering full pre and post site surveys and finally kitchen installation.  The range of kitchens also dramatically increased; Garrett Kitchens now offer a huge range of kitchens including modern handleless rail kitchens and high end in frame kitchens which are notched and finished by hand.  As such, in 2015, Garret Kitchens extended their offering to all customers, including retail customers, and the company continues to grow and expand it’s offering.

Unfortunately in 2018, the company has far outgrown it;s initial branding; we no longer trade as ‘Garrett Appliances’ and our locally well known ‘GA’ logo is not not suitable to be used across all of our product and service categories.  With that in mind in was time for a rebrand.


Garretts Logo



The company, remaining as Garrett Appliances Limited, now trades under the GARRETT brand; this offers all of our products and services under one new brand which has been created to show an efficient, eco friend and forward thinking company which is customer focused and results driven.  Hopefully you will see this across our brand; including our new logo, colour schemes, websites and other media.  The individual product and service categories will be seperated so that our customers can easily understand the company offerings and the features and benefits of using Garretts.  Garrett Appliances remains our appliance services website; this offers our customers appliance repairs,  servicing and instalations from our in house field teams.  For those customers who prefer to shop in the comfort of their own homes, our ecommerce website,, is a fully functional transaction site, offering internet prices with local, independent service and finally our new Garrett Kitchens website showcases the very best kitchen ranges across all budget categories to inspire everyone to create great kitchen spaces, the hub of every home.

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